Alternative Learning

7:30-2:15 Monday through Friday
The ALP is an alternative learning center for struggling students in grades seven through twelve. The purpose of the program is to provide students with the skills that will improve their academic performance, and increase their self-esteem and sense of personal responsibility. When students demonstrate that they can successfully meet their academic and school responsibilities, the ALP will facilitate a smooth transition back to the home school.

Although reasons vary for students to enter the ALP, a common thread among them is their inability to reach their full academic potential in a traditional class setting. With the benefit of smaller classes, the staff at ALP can develop individual programs for students and maintain regular contact with parents/guardians.

The ALP is based on the philosophy that students must assume greater responsibility for their learning and conduct. Students receive the necessary support, trust and freedom to take on this responsibility. The ALP staff, in partnership with parents, work to ensure the success of all students.